How to get to the AUNI Office and where to put your Fruit Stand money!


Are you working with Fruit Stand? Do you think this organization is awesome but have no idea where it’s actually located? Do you have money that you need to drop off at the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative office? If you answered “Yes!” to all of these questions, then you’re in luck because here is a video that should help explain exactly where the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative office is and what you should do with your Fruit Stand profits! As always, feel free to reach out to¬† with any questions, comments, or concerns! Thanks so much!

AUNI Student Engagement Team

Spring Recruitment

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Our Intake Form is now open again for the Spring semester. Please fill this out if you would like to be one of our work study students or volunteers. You can check out our open opportunities here.

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